About Grey Hill Ponies & Farm

A hunter pony breeding farm, we pride ourselves in delivering quality and integrity in all aspects of our work. We strive to breed and raise ponies that anyone would agree are the smartest, sweetest, and most highly athletic available.

It’s a 24/7 job when you live on a working farm, but the ponies are part of our family. Our time and efforts are dedicated to all it takes to produce the best ponies. A blend of our extensive research for breeding genetics, taking excellent care of the mares and offspring, and prioritizing socialization — all these thoughtful factors shape a Grey Hill pony. 

When we provide quality throughout the breeding process, we can ensure ponies that are solid citizens, safe with both children and trainers. 

Grey Hill Farm, a small, family-owned farm, was established by us, Dennis and Megan O’Donnell, in 2019. 

who we are

We want to see good things grow.

Our goal is to rehome our ponies to owners who will continue their training, so they will grow and develop to their peak and show beautifully in the hunter ring. 

Several years ago, our daughter, Ava, took an interest in horses, and while we had handled horses for many years prior, we hadn’t purchased our own pony. So as we set out to find a hunter pony, we got the idea that we’d purchase some younger ponies and raise them. However, the ponies we bought were behavioral and almost dangerous in some cases. So we decided we wanted to do something to ensure that people like us could own safe citizens.

Our beginning

It’s nice to meet fellow hunter pony lovers!

We’re the O’Donnells. 

340 Days

We tried our hand at one-year breeding and fell in love with the whole process. From researching bloodlines to seeing the first confirming ultrasound of a mare in foal to being present at each birth and getting ponies off to a proper training program from the time their feet hit the ground, one thing is certain — our ponies have our hearts. 

A family affair 

Our kids, Ava and Dru, have received an unbelievable education and experience beyond simply learning to ride hunter ponies. They help the family with all aspects of the farm, from bathing the ponies to grooming them. A dedicated student, Ava puts excellent efforts towards her studies and uses her talents to take on significant roles on the farm. A natural who understands a young pony’s mind and that no two are the same, she breaks the ponies in when they are old enough and is also learning to lunge and work on ground manners. Dru greatly supports his sister and family, following them to shows and lessons. He also helps his mom out on the farm daily. 

Dennis, a 30-year, active-duty Lt. Colonel in U.S. Marine Corps, finds time around his military service to keep the farm in tip-top shape by making needed repairs and helping with research for breeding genetics.  

Megan, who also served in the U.S. Marine Corps, handles all the day-to-day operations and decisions around the farm. With a background in sociology and history, it’s no wonder she enjoys the conscientious study of past pony generations to breed the best hunter ponies for future generations. 

Our Commitment & Mission

We are committed to giving each customer a transparent purchase experience. If you buy one of our beautiful ponies, we hope you’ll do so feeling fully informed and with complete trust in us. We’re here to offer you the highest-quality hunter ponies that will build a beautiful relationship with their owners, riders, and trainers.