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Hunter Pony Breeder in Virginia

Nestled just 12 miles from the North Carolina border in Virgilina, Virginia you’ll find Grey Hill Farm, a family-run farmstead. Decorated with wide pastures and two ponds, Grey Hill Farm’s 143 acres backs right up to the Dan River.

The farm is home to our ponies, including Welsh, Hanovarian crosses, BRP, & Thoroughbred crossbreeds from proven producers for exceptional equines. Grey Hill is our family's home, too, and we love living among the ponies on our working farm.

- The O’Donnell Family

Horses and people have a long, rich history of working together, and we respect their intelligence, power, and grace. Our family might even say horses are man’s best and most loyal friends. 

While we appreciate a horse’s strength and majesty, we also know that reigning in its power through guidance and handling is highly important for a safe equestrian-equine relationship. 

Our love for ponies and our quest for breeding strong bloodline hunter ponies that are also safe with their human companions drive our work. 

We invite you to visit our site’s pages and fall in love with our ponies. 

Our family’s hearts are captivated by a pony’s beauty, majesty, and companionship.

The O’Donnell Family

Meet Us,

A great show hunter starts with outstanding care and attention. 

At Grey Hill Ponies, our mission is to breed, raise, and sell excellent equine athletes that are solid and safe citizens ready for hunter sport training. 

We serve our farm out of our genuine love and appreciation for ponies. Our passion drives our integrity, breeding, and commitment to the farm and extends to how we serve our community and customers.


When a pony leaves our care, we want to ensure our horses are safe companions and athletes. We socialize and handle each pony daily to foster their mental development.  


From ensuring each pony has the cleanest environment, highest quality feed, and is treated like family, we believe in honoring the creatures in our care.


Our Values are the Guardrails of Our Business

Are you ready to hitch up and go? 

If you’re ready to buy a pony, you can see our available ponies or learn which mares are in foal.

Farm life is busy, and the easiest way to begin a conversation with us is to email us with the pony you’re interested in or what you’re looking for. 

In-person visits to the farm to view our horses are available by appointment only.

We’ll promptly return your communication and look forward to delivering an exceptional customer experience steeped in trust and clear communication.